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Spotlight on SNYDE: Drew Carey Dreams of Departing on 'The Price Is Right' Stage

Spotlight on SNYDE: Drew Carey Dreams of Departing on 'The Price Is Right' Stage

Drew Carey's Last Act: A Final Spin on 'The Price Is Right' Stage

In the realm of game show hosting, Drew Carey has a unique vision for his retirement plan — or rather, lack thereof. The comedian, actor, and beloved face of "The Price Is Right" has expressed his desire to remain in the spotlight until his final curtain call, quite literally.

Carey's declaration comes with a resolute stance: "I want to die onstage with a microphone in my hand," he candidly revealed to ET. Reflecting on the legacy of his predecessor, the iconic Bob Barker, Carey views Barker's retirement as a cautionary tale. For him, relinquishing the reins of "The Price Is Right" is not an option, echoing, "I'm not gonna make that same mistake.

Stepping into Barker's shoes in 2007, Carey inherited a daunting legacy, one that Barker had meticulously crafted over 35 years of hosting the beloved game show. Barker's recent passing at the age of 99, after a valiant battle with Alzheimer's disease, only amplifies the weight of his legacy.

Carey fondly remembers Barker's uncanny ability to connect with contestants, fostering an atmosphere of ease and authenticity. "He never seemed stressed," Carey reminisces, highlighting Barker's innate charm and affability.

Transitioning from one iconic host to another, the spotlight now turns to Ryan Seacrest, famed for his tenure on "American Idol." Seacrest's foray into game show territory with his latest venture on "Wheel of Fortune" hasn't escaped Carey's notice. While acknowledging Seacrest's prowess as a seasoned host, Carey playfully offers no advice, quipping, "Bro, I think you got it.

As Seacrest gears up to helm the forthcoming Season 42 of "Wheel of Fortune," anticipation brews for his dynamic presence to grace yet another iconic game show stage. With Carey's unwavering commitment to "The Price Is Right" and Seacrest's imminent debut on "Wheel of Fortune," the game show landscape continues to evolve, with these hosts at the forefront of its enduring allure.

In the ever-entertaining realm of game show hosting, Drew Carey's unwavering dedication to "The Price Is Right" serves as a testament to his passion for the craft. With his aspirations of a final act center stage, microphone in hand, Carey embodies a rare commitment to his role, ensuring that his legacy resonates long after the final episode airs. As the torch passes to Ryan Seacrest and his upcoming stint on "Wheel of Fortune," the landscape of game shows evolves, yet the indelible mark left by Carey and his predecessors remains etched in the annals of television history, a testament to the enduring magic of the genre.