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Robert De Niro Takes the Stand: Actor Dismisses Lawsuit by Ex-Assistant as 'Nonsense' in Court Testimony

Robert De Niro Takes the Stand: Actor Dismisses Lawsuit by Ex-Assistant as 'Nonsense' in Court Testimony

"Are you talkin’ to him? Robert De Niro took the stand on Monday in a New York City trial sparked by a lawsuit from his former personal assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, who accused the iconic actor of being an abusive boss. In a courtroom drama reminiscent of his legendary film roles, the two-time Oscar-winning actor, known for his performances in blockbusters like 'The Deer Hunter' and 'Raging Bull,' was the initial witness in the trial centered on Robinson's lawsuits.

De Niro, at times appearing grouchy, held back his frustration during the probing examination of his interactions with his former assistant before finally erupting with an emphatic, 'This is all nonsense!' Robinson, who served as De Niro's vice president of production and finance from 2008 to 2019, earning an annual salary of $300,000, has filed a $12 million lawsuit, claiming severe emotional distress and reputational harm.

The courtroom spectacle unfolded as De Niro defended himself against allegations, depicting a tumultuous working relationship. Robinson, responsible for a range of tasks from decorating De Niro's Christmas tree to assisting after a stairwell fall, asserted that the actor refused to provide a reference when she resigned in 2019 due to conflicts with his girlfriend. However, when questioned about Robinson's work ethic, De Niro scoffed, asserting, 'Not after everything I’m going through now.'

Throughout his testimony, De Niro's frustration occasionally reached a boiling point, leading to raised voices and vehement defenses. He passionately emphasized the collaborative decision-making process with his girlfriend and vehemently disputed claims of mistreatment during a hospital visit in 2017. 'That was one time when I cracked my back falling down the stairs!' De Niro retorted, recounting the incident and emphasizing his delayed call to Robinson.

Despite Judge Lewis J. Liman's repeated reminders of the rules of testimony, De Niro expressed his perspective forcefully. He highlighted his belief that he treated Robinson well, even as he transitioned to a new Manhattan townhouse with his girlfriend. Asserting that Robinson oversaw preparations for the move, De Niro dismissed the accusations, stating, 'So this is all nonsense!'"

In the dramatic courtroom saga involving Robert De Niro and his former personal assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, the legendary actor's testimony unfolded as a clash of narratives, echoing the intensity of his iconic film roles. With accusations of abusive behavior and a $12 million lawsuit hanging in the balance, De Niro vehemently defended himself, reaching moments of frustration and emphatically declaring the proceedings as 'nonsense.'

As De Niro passionately refuted the claims and asserted his belief in treating Robinson well, the courtroom became a stage for the complexities of their working relationship. The actor's outbursts, reminiscent of his on-screen intensity, revealed the emotional charge surrounding the accusations. Despite Judge Lewis J. Liman's efforts to maintain order, De Niro's forceful expressions showcased the palpable tension in the courtroom.

The trial, marked by moments of raised voices and heated exchanges, offers a glimpse into the intricacies of the professional dynamics between the actor and his former assistant. As the legal battle unfolds, the conclusion remains uncertain, leaving the courtroom observers and the public awaiting the next chapter in this real-life drama that has brought De Niro's private and professional life under intense scrutiny.