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Confidant's Commitment: Frank Carone to Spearhead Fundraising for Mayor Adams' Legal Defense Amid FBI Probe

Confidant's Commitment: Frank Carone to Spearhead Fundraising for Mayor Adams' Legal Defense Amid FBI Probe

"Frank Carone Takes Active Role in Mayor Adams' Legal Defense Fund Amid FBI Probe"

In a significant development, Frank Carone, Mayor Adams' former chief of staff and a longtime political confidante, has announced plans to encourage "friends and family" to contribute to the mayor's legal defense fund. The FBI is currently investigating Adams' 2021 campaign regarding alleged ties to the Turkish government. While Carone emphasized that he won't officially serve as the fundraising coordinator for the legal defense fund, he described his involvement as that of a "friend helping out." This marks the first time Carone has confirmed his role in Adams' fundraising efforts since stepping down as chief of staff in late 2022.

Carone, who affirmed that he would personally contribute the maximum allowable amount of $5,000 to the fund, stated, "Of course, I've been making phone calls to friends and family to help out. I will continue to do what I can to help." The legal defense fund aims to cover the mayor's legal expenses and those of other potential "beneficiaries" implicated in the FBI probe. The investigation centers on whether the Turkish government conspired with Adams' 2021 campaign to funnel illegal funds into its coffers through straw donors.

Despite the scrutiny, Adams has not been accused of any wrongdoing and has retained the services of the prestigious law firm WilmerHale for legal representation. Adams acknowledged the potential magnitude of his legal bills during a briefing, estimating expenses in the hundreds of thousands to a million dollars.

Strict rules govern donations to legal defense funds, with city employees and those doing business with municipal government agencies prohibited from contributing. Carone, who has established the consulting firm Oaktree Solutions since leaving City Hall, clarified that he is not restricted by these rules. While Carone affirmed that he doesn't engage in business with the city, he is expected to play a role in leading Adams' 2025 reelection campaign, a position he has yet to officially assume.

During the briefing, Adams mentioned plans to hire a professional fundraiser to manage the day-to-day operations of the legal defense fund, underscoring the gravity of the situation as the investigation unfolds."

"Intensifying FBI Probe: Agents Raid Homes of Mayor Adams' Key Figures Amid Cell Phone Seizure"

Adding a new layer of intensity to the ongoing investigation, FBI agents conducted raids earlier this month, targeting not only Mayor Adams' cell phones but also the residences of two pivotal figures in his inner circle. The homes of top campaign fundraiser Brianna Suggs and City Hall aide Rana Abbasova were subject to scrutiny as part of the expanding probe.

The simultaneous seizure of Adams' cell phones and the raids on the homes of key individuals associated with his administration raise questions about the scope and gravity of the FBI's inquiry. The move suggests a concerted effort to gather evidence and delve deeper into the allegations surrounding Adams' 2021 campaign and its purported ties to the Turkish government.

As the investigation unfolds, these developments cast a spotlight on the individuals closest to Adams, heightening public interest in the potential ramifications for the mayor and his inner circle. The seized cell phones and the raids on prominent figures' homes mark a significant juncture in the probe, underscoring the seriousness of the allegations and the thoroughness with which federal authorities are pursuing the case."

"In conclusion, the recent actions taken by the FBI, including the seizure of Mayor Adams' cell phones and the raids on the homes of key figures in his inner circle, have injected a new level of intensity into the ongoing investigation. These events underscore the seriousness of the probe into Adams' 2021 campaign and its alleged ties to the Turkish government. The simultaneous targeting of personal devices and the residences of influential individuals within Adams' administration suggests a comprehensive effort by federal authorities to gather crucial evidence.

As the investigation unfolds, the public's attention is increasingly drawn to the potential implications for Mayor Adams and those closely associated with him. The seized cell phones and home raids represent a pivotal juncture in the inquiry, signaling a thorough and meticulous approach by the FBI. The coming days and weeks will likely bring further revelations, shaping the trajectory of this high-stakes investigation and its impact on the political landscape in New York City."