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Survey Snapshot: New York's Perceptions on Antisemitism Among Local Jews and Divisions on Israel Aid Revealed by Poll

Survey Snapshot: New York's Perceptions on Antisemitism Among Local Jews and Divisions on Israel Aid Revealed by Poll

"New Yorkers Express Concerns: Poll Reveals 73% Believe Jewish Residents Face Antisemitism Post-Israeli Terror Attack

Following the October 7th terror attack in Israel, a Siena College poll sheds light on the perceptions of New York voters. Three-quarters of respondents believe that Jewish New Yorkers are now more susceptible to antisemitism. The survey, conducted statewide, indicates that 51% support the U.S. providing additional military aid to Israel amid its conflict in Gaza.

Breaking down sentiments on antisemitism, 37% of New Yorkers feel that Jews in the state are experiencing significant antisemitism, while another 36% believe they face some level of antisemitism. Overall, 73% of respondents acknowledge that Jews encounter at least some antisemitism. Conversely, 16% of participants believe Jewish New Yorkers face little or no antisemitism.

The poll also reveals concerns about Islamophobia, with nearly 60% of respondents stating that it has increased in New York since October 7th. Additionally, 62% believe that Muslims in the state face at least some level of Islamophobia.

The survey was conducted in the wake of several high-profile antisemitic incidents, including vandalism and a shooting threat against Cornell University's campus Jewish life organization. Reported hate crimes against Jews in New York City surged by over 200% in October, according to government data.

Amid local Democrats' disagreements on U.S. policy towards Israel, the poll found that 53% of New York Democrats support more American military aid to Israel, while 37% oppose it. Among Republicans, 59% support increased aid, with 29% in opposition.

The ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict also appears to impact President Biden's standing with voters. A recent NBC News poll revealed that 70% of U.S. voters between 18 and 34 opposed the president's handling of the conflict. Despite this, Biden maintains a lead over his expected 2024 rival, former President Donald Trump, by 10 points in New York, according to the Siena poll, a significant decrease from the 23-point lead he had in the state in 2020."

"While the recent poll findings do not necessarily indicate a shift towards Republican dominance in New York, Don Levy, Director of the Siena College Research Institute, highlights a noteworthy aspect. The data suggests a 'lack of enthusiasm among some usual Democratic voters' regarding President Biden's candidacy. This nuanced sentiment underscores the complexity of public opinion, revealing potential challenges for the Democratic Party in maintaining its stronghold in the upcoming political landscape."

"In conclusion, the Siena College poll captures a nuanced landscape in New York politics, indicating concerns among voters about antisemitism and the Israel-Gaza conflict. The survey's findings also raise flags for Democrats, with a perceived lack of enthusiasm among certain voters towards President Biden's candidacy. While the state's political hue may not be shifting dramatically, the poll highlights the need for a closer examination of evolving sentiments that could impact future electoral dynamics."