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Gov. Hochul's Zero Tolerance Stance: Increased Spending and CUNY Policy Review Reflect Commitment Against Hate in New York

Gov. Hochul's Zero Tolerance Stance: Increased Spending and CUNY Policy Review Reflect Commitment Against Hate in New York

"Gov. Hochul Takes Bold Stand Against Hate in New York: Unveils $75 Million Investment, Expands Social Media Monitoring, and Orders CUNY Policy Review

In a rare address, Governor Hochul asserted New York State's 'zero tolerance' for hate, emphasizing unity amidst rising tensions fueled by the conflict in Israel and Gaza. Hochul, speaking from Manhattan, unveiled a comprehensive approach, directing $75 million to combat hate crimes, expanding the state police unit monitoring social media threats, and initiating a thorough review of anti-discrimination policies at the City University of New York (CUNY). Former Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman will lead this review, serving as a roadmap for the state university system.

Highlighting New York's historical role as a beacon of progress, Hochul cautioned against devolving into hatred amid differing viewpoints. The governor urged New Yorkers not to normalize hate and intimidation, emphasizing the state's identity and history of standing up against discrimination. Despite geopolitical tensions, Hochul called for support for the local Jewish community and a united stand against antisemitism.

Addressing concerns about her stance on the Palestinian issue, Hochul, who visited Israel in October, acknowledged the challenges faced by both Jewish and Palestinian communities. The governor's commitment to combatting discrimination and promoting unity signals a proactive approach in a tumultuous time for the state."

"Governor Hochul Addresses Deep Pain for Jewish and Muslim New Yorkers, Stresses Unity Amid Threats

In her Tuesday speech, Governor Hochul acknowledged the profound pain experienced by both Jewish and Muslim New Yorkers, recognizing the diverse perspectives on the Israeli government's actions. Despite criticism of Israeli policies, she emphasized the importance of standing in solidarity with the Jewish community. Hochul urged a nuanced approach, stating that one can oppose Israel's response while vehemently opposing terrorism, Hamas, antisemitism, and all forms of hatred.

The governor's remarks followed disturbing threats against the Center for Jewish Living at Cornell University over the weekend, leading to increased security on campus. Governor Hochul visited Cornell on Monday in response to the threats posted on Greekrank, where an ominous message indicated an intention to 'shoot up' the Center for Jewish Living. The New York State Police, along with the FBI, are actively working to assess the credibility of these threats and take appropriate investigative action.

With New York State home to approximately 2 million Jews, the governor emphasized her commitment to the safety of every New Yorker. Addressing the hostage situation involving a New Yorker in Hamas' October 7 attack, Hochul underscored the imperative of preventing any New Yorker from living in fear. She declared that accepting such fear is synonymous with a moral compass breaking and spinning out of control."

"In a resolute conclusion, Governor Hochul stands firm on her commitment to unity and safety in the face of escalating tensions. As she addresses the deep pain felt by Jewish and Muslim New Yorkers, the governor emphasizes the need for solidarity while acknowledging diverse viewpoints on Israeli government actions. In the wake of threats against the Center for Jewish Living at Cornell University, Hochul underscores the urgency of ensuring the safety of every New Yorker, irrespective of their background or beliefs. The active involvement of law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, reflects a collective effort to address and evaluate the credibility of these threats. Governor Hochul's unwavering stance against fear and hatred resonates as she reiterates that allowing any New Yorker to live in fear is an affront to the moral compass that guides the state's principles and values."