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Tragedy Strikes: 30-Year-Old Fatally Shot in the Face in Bronx Apartment

Tragedy Strikes: 30-Year-Old Fatally Shot in the Face in Bronx Apartment

"Tragedy Strikes as 30-Year-Old Fatally Shot in Face in Bronx Apartment

In a harrowing incident, a 30-year-old man, identified as David Disla, was shot in the face within the confines of his fourth-floor apartment in the Bronx. The grim sequence of events unfolded as Disla managed to descend three flights of stairs, only to collapse and succumb to his injuries. Police responded to the scene at approximately 11:10 p.m. on Saturday, discovering Disla facedown on the first floor of his residence on E. 160th St. near Melrose Ave. in Melrose.

Eyewitnesses recounted the distressing sight as paramedics rushed to aid Disla. Awilda Rodriguez, a neighbor, described the scene, stating, 'I saw someone on the stretcher, and they were pumping. There was so much blood. They were rushing him real fast. I said, ‘God bless whoever he is. I hope he makes it.’ Then I saw on the news that he didn’t.'

Despite the efforts of emergency responders who transported Disla to Lincoln Hospital, the severity of his injuries proved fatal. A neighbor named Miguel expressed shock at the gruesome aftermath, sharing, 'I saw the blood on the floor. I was stunned. I went back in. Now that I saw it, I went down the stairs. I was terrified. It was so much blood.'

A family friend, speaking on behalf of Disla's family in Kingsbridge Heights, revealed that the victim was a father of two and one of six siblings. Describing him as a 'very good father, very good son, very good friend,' she emphasized his positive and happy demeanor. The family, originating from the Dominican Republic, now grapples with the devastating loss.

As the investigation unfolds, no arrests have been made in connection with the fatal shooting. This incident adds to the somber statistics of the Bronx's 42nd Precinct, which has witnessed 11 slayings through October 29—a marked 120% increase compared to the same period last year. The surge in local homicides contrasts with the citywide trend, where New York has seen an overall 11% decrease in murders compared to the previous year, totaling 326 as of October 29. The community now mourns the loss of David Disla, a victim in a year marked by heightened violence in the Bronx."

"In conclusion, the tragic shooting of 30-year-old David Disla in his Bronx apartment casts a dark shadow over a community grappling with an unsettling surge in violence. As eyewitnesses recount the chilling scene of Disla's desperate attempt to escape his assailant, the aftermath reveals a neighborhood left stunned and terrified by the sheer brutality of the incident.

Disla, remembered as a devoted father, son, and friend, becomes another heartbreaking statistic in a year marred by an alarming increase in homicides within the Bronx's 42nd Precinct. The absence of arrests in connection to his untimely death leaves the community in a state of anguish and underscores the urgency for solutions to address the rising violence.

This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the human toll exacted by the escalating crime rates in specific precincts, even as the citywide homicide rate shows a contrasting decline. As the community mourns the loss of David Disla, it amplifies the collective call for effective measures to curb violence and ensure the safety of residents in the Bronx and beyond."