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Federal Judge Blocks Biden's Title IX Rules, Citing Constitutional Concerns

Federal Judge Issues Injunction Against Biden Administration's New Title IX Rules

On Thursday, a federal judge issued an injunction halting the implementation of new Title IX rules recently enacted by the Biden administration. U.S. District Court Judge Terry Doughty's decision came in response to legal challenges arguing that the new regulations were unlawful and infringed upon constitutional rights.

In his ruling, Judge Doughty criticized the Biden administration's rules, stating that they violated the First Amendment's free speech and free exercise clauses, as well as the spending clause. He further described the rules as "arbitrary and capricious," indicating they lacked a rational basis.

Louisiana Attorney General Liz Murrill hailed the decision as a victory, particularly for women and girls. She emphasized that the administration's imposition of what she termed as "illegal and radical gender ideology" had been staunchly opposed by states like Louisiana, Idaho, Mississippi, and Montana. These states, according to Murrill, are actively defending established laws and safeguarding the safety, prosperity, and fundamental American values pertinent to women and girls.

The injunction represents a significant development in the ongoing legal and political debates surrounding Title IX and gender policy in the United States. Advocates on both sides of the issue continue to engage in vigorous debate, highlighting the complexities and deep-seated convictions involved in matters of gender equity, women's rights, and constitutional freedoms.

This decision is expected to have broader implications as courts and policymakers navigate the intersection of federal regulations, constitutional protections, and societal norms related to gender identity and discrimination. As legal proceedings progress, stakeholders across the country will closely monitor how this ruling shapes future policy directions and protections under Title IX.

Original article:

A federal judge issued an injunction on Thursday that put a temporary hold on new #TitleIX rules issued by the Biden administration.

U.S. District Court Judge Terry...Doughty said in the order that the new rule violated the #FreeSpeech and free exercise clauses of the #FirstAmendment along with the spending clause and "is arbitrary and capricious."

"This a victory for women and girls," [Louisiana Attorney General Liz] Murrill said in a statement. "When Joe Biden forced his illegal and radical gender ideology on America, Louisiana said NO! Along with Idaho, Mississippi, and Montana, states are fighting back in defense of the law, the safety and prosperity of women and girls, and basic American values."

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