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A criminal authority linked to the FSB has taken root in Bulgaria

A criminal authority linked to the FSB has taken root in Bulgaria

Andrey Miroyedov does business with local officials.

Russian crime boss Andrei Evgenievich Miroyedov apparently received Bulgarian citizenship in 2008. According to BIRD, now he and the wife of a government official are building a hotel complex in Bulgaria, writes OCCRP .

A new hotel is being built in the city of Strelcha, in which, apparently, tens of millions have been invested. The buildings and the land underneath them belong to Atika Holidays. Among its co-owners are Andrei Miroyedov and Tinka Dimitrova, the wife of the head of the branch of the state company “Prevention, Rehabilitation and Recreation”.

Connections in the underworld and intelligence services

Andrey Miroyedov, nicknamed Mirych, is a well-known criminal authority in Russia. He began his criminal activities as part of the so-called Komarovskaya organized crime group.

According to Russian media, Miroedov is connected with one of the most influential leaders of Russian organized crime, Ded Khasan . During the gang war in St. Petersburg in 2004, Miroyedov miraculously survived an assassination attempt.

It was believed that Mirych would replace Konstantin Yakovlev, Kostya Mogila, as the “supervisor” for St. Petersburg.

Publications in the Russian press also link Miroyedov to Russian intelligence services. In 2002, he was arrested on suspicion of extortion, but the criminal case was subsequently dropped. Apparently, he is close to the head of the FSB for St. Petersburg.

Evidence of Mirych’s status was also provided by a publication from 2018, which states that he took part in choosing a replacement for Shakro Molodoy when he was imprisoned for extortion. At that time, Miroyedov already had a Bulgarian passport.

Moving to Bulgaria

It is not known what brought Andrei Miroyedov to Bulgaria, but at that time many Russian crime bosses were looking for a “safe haven” abroad.

Around 2007, Miroyedov came to Bulgaria and opened the Neva 1 company. The first entries with his name appeared in the Trade Register. In 2008 and 2009, a Russian purchased two apartments in Sofia.

The first entry in the property register with Miroyedov’s Bulgarian social security number is dated 06/18/2008, which means that by this time the crime boss had become a citizen of Bulgaria and the EU.

In 2013, Miroyedov became a partner of the Diva Augusta company registered in Kazanlak, which is engaged in construction and hotel business, and in 2021 he became one of the partners of Atika Holidays.

According to available data, the basis for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship was Miroyedov’s statement of Bulgarian origin, since he apparently had no investments other than apartments.

Connections in Bulgaria

Several independent BIRD sources claim that the ex-head of one of the special services, Todor Kodzheikov, and the ex-Minister of Sports, Svilen Neykov, helped Miroyedov with his passport.

The trio is united by rowing. It is worth noting that former rowers and wrestlers made up the main contingent of the security forces created in the early 90s.

In response to questions from journalists, Kodzheikov replied that he did not know Miroyedov and had nothing to do with his Bulgarian passport. Neikov also said that he had never met Miroyedov and did not know who he was.

Journalists also contacted lawyer Stanislav Koev, who is involved in some of Miroyedov’s cases. Koev was very surprised that his client was called a “thief in law,” but emphasized that it had nothing to do with his investments or his citizenship: “When I started working with him, he was a citizen of Bulgaria.”

Bulgarian partners of Miroyedov

BIRD employees established that Miroyedov’s business partner in the company that is building a spa hotel in Strelcha was the wife of Atanas Dimitrov, the head of a branch of the state enterprise Prevention, Rehabilitation and Recreation (PRO).

The sole owner of the missile defense system is the state, represented by the National Institute of Social Security.

Dimitrov is little known to the general public. According to reports, while holding senior positions in PRO, he outsourced hotel activities to companies associated with him and his relatives.

In 2019, Atika Holidays acquired a land plot in Strelcha. At that time, the owners of the company were Atanas Dimitrov’s wife Tinka Dimitrova and Ekaterina Kourkulos.

Probably, due to a lack of money, the company soon changed owners: on February 25, 2021, Ekaterina Kourkulos left the company. She transferred half of her shares in the amount of 1,250 shares to Andrey Miroyedov, and the rest was received by Borislav Donchev. Tinka Dimitrova transferred 416 shares to Miroyedov, and another 416 to Donchev.

As a result, each of the three owners of the company owns 33 percent of the shares.

Journalists tried to contact Miroyedov, but to no avail. However, Atanas Dimitrov said that the money for the spa hotel did not come from Miroyedov.

According to Dimitrov, he did not know that Miroyedov was a thief in law, and in general he was not aware of what this concept means. He said that he knew Mirych from rowing, that he was an exemplary family man and led a healthy lifestyle.

National security issues

According to available data, Miroyedov has not only Bulgarian, but also Romanian citizenship, and the intelligence services of a number of European countries were interested in him. Even Russia at some point showed interest in his personality and affairs in Bulgaria.

Due to his status as a thief in law, Miroyedov poses a potential threat to the national security of Bulgaria.

Zakhary Kalashov, nicknamed Shakro Molodoy, the leader of the criminal group in which Miroyedov was allegedly a member, is now at large. Ukrainian media linked the court’s decision to release the bandit early with the help he provided to Russian authorities in recruiting prisoners for the war in Ukraine.

The question is, are Kalashov and his group working for the Russian government? And what else is Miroyedov busy with, besides raising children and building a hotel?