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13-Year Sentence: Coney Island Game Booth Employee Shoots Co-Worker in Customer Dispute

13-Year Sentence: Coney Island Game Booth Employee Shoots Co-Worker in Customer Dispute

"13-Year Sentence for Coney Island Game Booth Employee Convicted of Shooting Co-Worker in Customer Dispute

In a courtroom twist at Brooklyn, Joseph Colon, a 38-year-old game booth employee at Jumbo Prizes in Luna Park, received a 13-year sentence for shooting his co-worker, Alfredo Perez, on September 10, 2021. The incident unfolded amidst the lively atmosphere of Coney Island's boardwalk, with families and children enjoying a late summer night.

Colon, convicted of attempted murder and other charges on May 31 in Brooklyn Supreme Court, believed Perez was stealing his customers. Both employees worked as recruiters for the game booth, earning a few bucks for each customer they attracted. A longstanding feud over customer recruitment escalated when, a week before the shooting, Colon accused Perez of poaching one of his customers during a break.

On the fateful night, as Perez arrived for work, Colon assumed a "tactical position behind the booth," brandishing an unlicensed gun and firing a shot into Perez's chest. After the shooting, Colon fled the scene, discarding his camouflage hoodie at Nathan's Famous. Despite attempts to conceal his identity, police recovered the hoodie with Colon's DNA.

Following the incident, Colon made a conspicuous journey through Coney Island, waving to people, shaking hands, and hugging neighbors before escaping to Temple, Pa., where he sought refuge with relatives. The NYPD's Regional Fugitive Task Force eventually apprehended him.

Perez's life hung in the balance after the shooting, but a fortuitous encounter with a random pedestrian and the swift response of an ambulance crew, coincidentally in the area, saved him.

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez condemned the 'outrageous act of violence' that jeopardized lives at Luna Park. Despite the gravity of the charges, Colon's lawyer has not issued a statement at this time."

"In the aftermath of the disturbing incident at Coney Island's Luna Park, justice has been served with Joseph Colon receiving a 13-year sentence for the attempted murder of his co-worker, Alfredo Perez. The courtroom drama unfolded against the backdrop of a bitter feud between the two game booth employees over recruiting customers. The shooting, which occurred in the midst of a lively summer night on the boardwalk, not only endangered the life of Perez but also put numerous bystanders at risk.

Colon's attempt to evade capture, marked by the dramatic disposal of incriminating evidence and a conspicuous journey through Coney Island, further added layers of intrigue to the case. The recovery of his DNA on discarded clothing played a pivotal role in his eventual arrest.

As the legal proceedings conclude, the Brooklyn District Attorney, Eric Gonzalez, characterized the shooting as an 'outrageous act of violence' that had far-reaching consequences. The sentence serves as a stern reminder of the consequences of resorting to violence in settling disputes, even in seemingly commonplace settings. While justice has been rendered, the lingering impact of such a shocking incident on the community and the lives involved remains palpable."